At Papapolitis & Papapolitis we celebrate Mother’s Day and give special thanks to all of the mothers at P&P.

We asked the mothers at P&P to share with us their experience about combining family and work.

This what they had to say:

Evi Tsilou

“Working full-time while raising three kids is just plain hard! I never regretted this choice; there were times that I have felt  “utterly exhausted” but overall it helped me become a happier person and a more fulfilled mother.

Elmina Chadio

“P&P has traditionally shown flexibility towards new mothers. The firm offered reduced working hours and remote work opportunities, which enabled me to successfully handle both roles in my life”.

Vicky Koutsopoulou

“One of the most challenging things in a woman’s life is the effort to find balance between motherhood and work. I feel that I have successfully confronted the challenges of a very demanding profession, which have been alleviated by P&P’s supportive and mother friendly policies embraced by the firm.”